Faculty Members

Faculty supervisors are marked with an asterisk (*).

(Alphabetical order / Incumbent, 2018)


Position Name Area and Subject Research Theme(s)
*Associate Professor Akihiro Higashitani Algebraic Combinatorics Combinatorics on lattice polytopes and combinatorial commutative algebra
*Associate Professor Naohiko Kasuya Differential Topology Contact manifolds, open non-Kähler complex surfaces
*Professor Hiroaki Masaoka Complex Analysis Ideal Boundaries of harmonic spaces
Professor Hiroyuki Miyoshi Theoretical Computer Science Theoretical Computer Science and related topics, Category Theory, Philosophy of Computation
*Professor Atsushi Murase Number Theory Theory of Automorphic Forms of Several Variables
*Assistant Professor Kei Nishi Applied Analysis Dynamics pf localized patterns in reaction-diffusion systems
*Associate Professor Tatsushi Tanaka Applied Algebra Multiple Zeta Values, Number Theory
*Professor Fumihiro Ushitaki Topology (1) Theory of Topological Transformation Groups and Related Topics
(2) Development of Teachers' Training Programs in Arithmetic and Mathematics
*Professor Tatsuya Watanabe Functional Analysis Research on elliptic PDEs by the variational method
*Professor Hiroki Yagishita Nonlinear Analysis Qualitative Theory of Nonlinear Diffusion Equations
*Professor Shuji Yamada Low-Dimensional Topology Knot Theory and Theory of Three-Dimensional Manifolds
*Professor Yuko Yano Stochastic Processes Limit theorems for functionals of Markov processes


Position Name Area and Subject Research Theme(s)
*Professor Toshifumi Futamase Cosmology Cosmology, General Relativity
*Professor Yutaka Itoh Magnetism NMR/NQR studies of magnetism and superconductivity
*Professor Hideyo Kawakita Astronomy Chemical evolution of the Galaxy, origin of the solar system
*Associate Professor Makoto Kishimoto Observational Astrophysics Supermassive black hole systems through super high spatial resolution observations
*Professor Taichiro Kugo Particle Physics Grand Unified Theories, Cosmological Constant Problem, Supergravity
*Professor Toshihide Maskawa Elementary Particle Theory Theory of Quantum Gravity and Space-Time
*Professor Takashi Ohmori Energy, Environmental Science Clean Energy Technology of Global Warming
*Associate Professor Hideo Sagawa Remote sensing of planetary atmosphere Observational study of planetary atmosphere
*Professor Kouji Segawa Quantum Functional Materials Experimental research on topological materials
*Professor Susumu Shimomura Condensed Matter Physics Research on Structual Properties of Condensed Matter using X-ray Scattering Techniques
*Professor Shinzo Suzuki Molecular Materials Science Physical Chemistry of Carbon Nanostructures
*Professor Masahiro Takagi Planetary Meteorology Dynamics and radiative transfer process of the Venus atmosphere
*Associate Professor Koutarou Takaya Meteorological dynamics Geophysical Fluid Dynamics, Extreme climate, Climate variability
*Professor Masayuki Tanigawa Non-Linear Optics Fundamentals of Spectroscopy, Optical materials, Nanostructures
*Associate Professor Kazuyuki Uchida Computational Material Science Computational Materials Science, Nano-Science
*Associate Professor Junko Yamagata-Sekihara Hadron-Nuclear Theory Theoretical research on hadron properties in nuclear medium
*Professor Hiroshi Yamagami Solid-State Electron Theory Theoretical Research on Electronic Structure of Strongly-Correlated f-Electron Systems
*Professor Atsunori Yonehara Observational Cosmology Gravitational Lensing Astronomy