Professor Hiroyuki Yoshida

Area and Subject Taught History of Marketing Strategy
Research Theme(s) Dynamic Analysis of Strategic Behavior in the Marketing of Japanese Companies
Academic Degrees Master of Commercial Science, Doshisha University
Keywords for Research Field Commercial Science, Theory of Commerce, Theory of Distribution,Theory of Marketing, Theory of Marketing Strategy
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e-mail Not Public

Research Overview

I am adopting a historical approach to explicate the dynamic character of marketing behavior of companies. Examining the issue from the perspective of the relationship between the market and society, I am conducting research to clarify the degree to which marketing theory matches practice in marketing behavior.
In earlier research, I studied specific companies based in Kyoto, including Omron, Nintendo, Kyocera, Wacoal, and others. As these companies grew and developed, I examined whether they changed their strategies, or tried to change them, as necessary
when conditions changed, thereby strengthening their relationships with both the market and the community.
At the same time, I adopted a similar perspective in clarifying marketing behavior in companies other than those mentioned above, and undertook to explicate the marketing behavior of distribution companies, focusing particularly on retail chains. The relationship between these companies' product lineups and their production procurement systems is a particular focus of my research as I analyze the structure,support and management of supply chains.

Notable Publications and Works

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  4. 2008:「エレベータ」『ランドマーク商品③』(第4章所収)同文舘
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