Professor Tsuguyoshi Ueno

Area and Subject Taught American Business and Labor History
Research Theme(s)
  1. The History of the Safety Movement and the Personnel Management in the Progressive Period in the U.S.
  2. Environmental Business History.
Academic Degrees Ph.D, Chuo University
Keywords for Research Field Business History, Labor History, Social History
Office Phone Number 81-75-705-1918

Research Overview

My recent research has focused on the history of the "Safety First" movement from the late nineteenth century to the 1920s in the U.S. It is based on a wide range of historical materials (archival collections, company records, published documents, and trade journals), collected in the United States and Japan. My research also looks at the relationship and interaction of industrial accident prevention activities with other management and labor reform movements, such as personnel management. I have continued to work more broadly on US influence of "Safety First" on Japanese business in the early twentieth century. This research has been carried out for about ten years, seven of which were supported by a major grant from Japanese government, and it has already generated a series of articles, including several refereed journal articles. All of my articles were written in Japanese, I have a plan to publish them in English.
I have been also interested in the methodological theme of combining business history with environmental history, which has resulted in some additional publications,including a chapter article of New Perspectives on America's Economic Past (published in 2003).

Notable Publications and Works

  1. “Industrial Nurses as Americanizers of Immigrants.” In The Medicalization of America: Health Care and Social Control in the Twentieth Century. Edited by Yumi Hiratai and Naoko Ono. pp. 91-146. Sairyusha, 2017.
  2. “The Relationship between Personnel Manager and Shop Disciplinarian: Early Phases of the Industrial Engineering Movement in the United States.” Journal of American Economic Review no. 14 (December 2015): 1-29 and no. 15 (December 2016): 1-25.
  3. “The Rise and Fall of the Human Engineering Movement: The Development of Personnel Management in the United States, 1911-1920.” Fukushima University, Shogaku Ronshu: Journal of Commerce, Economics and Economic History 83, no. 4 (March 2015): 93-113 and 84, no 4 (June 2015): 39-68.