Professor Mariko Ueki

Area and Subject Taught International Management
Research Theme(s) Knowledge Creation and the Inter-organizational Knowledge Transfer of Global firms
Academic Degrees Ph.D., Yokohama National University
Keywords for Research Field Knowledge Creation, International Knowledge Transfer,
Human Resources Development, Japan-US Comparative Study
Office Phone Number Not Public
e-mail Not Public

Research Overview

Knowledge is a powerful source of competitive advantage in modern enterprise management.
Knowledge creation is vital so that sharing information and knowledge through customers' opinion and actual work places could be articulated to an organizational knowledge to create added value by knowledge creation.
Multinational companies face global competition and deploy a useful knowledge and information to create new knowledge around the world.
In my research, I compare the current state of art for knowledge creation, interorganizational learning, and personnel training in Japanese and American companies, to examine the state of organizations to promote knowledge creation, transfer of knowledge in trans-cultural organizations, and personnel management.

Notable Publications and Works

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