Professor Yoshihiko Suzawa

Area and Subject Taught Insurance Theory
Research Theme(s) Risk Management and Finance in Organizational Management
Academic Degrees Doctor of Commercial Science, Hitotsubashi University;
Master of Business Administration (Hons.), St. John's University;
Master of Science, St. John's University
Keywords for Research Field Insurance, Finance, Risk Management
Office Phone Number Not Public
e-mail Not Public

Research Overview

Risk management in organizational management involves much more than simply preparing for expected losses. It is a process of reducing an entire range of risks with the aim of maximizing the value of an organization. As the development of general risk management in recent years tells us, there is a need to develop strategies to respond to a wide range of needs, including consideration of leverage and growth opportunities. Based on this realization, it is required to develop the theoretical and systematic foundations for a new approach to risk management in organizational management. For this purpose, my research is focusing on the field of loss finance. This field brings up many important issues in risk management, including the status of insurance and hedges combining pure risk and price risk as well as approaches to diversifying operations and investment activities. This is a field of research that has grown swiftly in the international community in recent years, and is expected to attract attention in Japan as well. My research adopts a number of approaches to various issues, looking into management, economics, finance and statistical mathematics.

Notable Publications and Works

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