Professor Ken-ichi Shinohara

Area and Subject Taught Employment Relations
Research Theme(s) Study of work organizations in the perspective of international comparison
Academic Degrees Doctor of Policy and Management, Doshisha University
Keywords for Research Field Automobile Industry, Employment Relations, Work Organizations
Office Phone Number 81-75-705-3141

Research Overview

I study the human aspects of business management. Especially study of work organization in the US auto industry is my main theme. I compared work patterns in the US with the work habits and workplace organization prevalent in Japan in order to understand how American workers work and how their workplaces are organized.
In the American Big 3, which is my main area of specialization, labor unions are unimaginably strong by Japanese standards. Without a clear understanding of labor relations it is impossible to comprehend personnel management and workplace organization in this setting. This understanding was something I attempted to achieve in a recent book, "American Industrial Relations in transition".
Currently, I am continuing this line of research, aiming to clear up a few items that remain unclear. Roughly speaking, American auto makers are reforming their work organizations to the structure that Japanese auto makers have, but they continue to face difficulties in achieving the things that are now possible at Japanese production sites. To confront these difficulties and ask how US auto makers can address these problems, I am focusing on surveys and research on workplace management frameworks and structures themselves.

Notable Publications and Works

  1. 篠原健一、第4章「企業と従業員」、第7章「企業とサプライヤー」、佐々木利廣・大室悦賀編『入門・企業と社会』(中央経済社、2015年10月)
  2. 篠原健一(2014)『アメリカ自動車産業:競争力復活をもたらした現場改革』(中公新書)
  3. 石田光男・篠原健一共編著(2010)『GM の経験:日本への教訓』ミネルヴァ書房、近年試みられてきたGM における諸改革を、組織構造、配置、方針管理、品質管理、能率管理、雇用の観点から現地調査を元に検討、日本との国際比較
  4. 篠原健一(2005)「労働組合の変化」赤岡功・日置弘一郎編著『労務管理と人的資源管理の構図』、現在の事業再構築と人的資源管理、労使関係の変化を日米に即して検討
  5. 篠原健一(2003)『転換期のアメリカ労使関係:自動車産業における作業組織改革』ミネルヴァ書房、工場内作業組織の実証研究、第20 回高宮賞(組織学会賞)受賞、第19回冲永賞(財団法人労働問題リサーチセンター)受賞