Professor Takao Shiba

Area and Subject Taught Business History
Research Theme(s) The Development of Heavy-Industry Companies in Japan, Corporate Failure
Academic Degrees Master of Business Administration, Konan University
Keywords for Research Field Business History, Japanese Business History, Heavy Industry,Corporate Failure
Office Phone Number 81-75-705-1721

Research Overview

I have done research on the activities of entrepreneurs and the process by which enterprises develop and expand within the heavy industry sector in Japan, focusing in particular the shipbuilding industry. The development of Japan's shipbuilding industry has many singular aspects compared with that of other advanced countries. The key term that expresses this singularity is "general heavy industry". The major issues that I have tried to elucidate are how such a business configuration came into being and what sorts of activities entrepreneurs carried out as part of this process. In the course of my research I encountered some examples of enterprises that failed, which led me to my next research topic: a fundamental inquiry into the causes of corporate failure. At present, elucidating the mechanisms of corporate failure is one of major themes in my research. Recently, I am also making a study on “Syaka” or company song.

Notable Publications and Works

The Current state of tourism education and research in Japan (in collaboration with Keiko Kawamata), Kyoto Management Review, vol.22, 2014
"Introduction to Social Management", Research Group on Education of Social Management ed , Case Book on Social Management , (in Japanese), Bunshindo, 2009
"Japanese Business from 1938 to 1955"(in collaboration with Kazuo Wada), Business History Society of Japan ed. Japanese Business History; Basic Facts and Concepts , (in Japanese) , Yuuhikaku, 2004
"The Evolution of the 'Japanese Production System': Indigenous Influences and American Impact" (in collaboration with Kazuo Wada), Jonathan Zeitlin and Gary Herrigel ed. Americanization and its Limits-Reworking US Technology and Management in Post-War Europe and Japan , Oxford University Press,2000
Beyond the Firm-Business Groups in International and Historical Perspective , (Joint editor with Masahiro Simotani), Oxford University Press, 1997
World War II and the Transformation of Busineess Systems , (Joint editor with Jun Sakudo), University of Tokyo Press, 1994