Professor Toshihiro Sasaki

Area and Subject Taught Organizational Theory
Research Theme(s) Interorganizational Relations and Collaboration between Businesses and NPOs
Academic Degrees Master of Business Administration, Meiji University
Keywords for Research Field Interorganizational Relations, Businesses and NPOs, multi-sector collaboration
Office Phone Number 81-75-705-1712

Research Overview

Organization theory is a discipline that applies a theoretical framework to explore the behavioral mechanisms and elements in common between for-profit organizations, such as private companies, and not-for-profit organizations (NPOs), given the similarities and differences between the two. Organization theory can be divided into micro-organization theory (organizational behavior) and macro-organization theory. A major component of the latter is the theory of interorganizational relations, which is the analysis of relations between different organizations.
This theory covers an exceptionally broad range of phenomena. Examples of types of interorganizational relationships include vertical relationships between large corporations and SMEs, strategic alliances between companies, exchange between SMEs in different industries, and the development of information networks among companies. In addition to these themes, an area of study currently garnering considerable attention is one that compares relations between companies in the same field with relations between companies in different fields. Examples of topics studied include the importance of collaboration between businesses and NPOs, two different organizations; consortiums, which serve as an umbrella for companies in different industries; and the management of industrial clusters.
Concepts such as cognition, learning, and trust are becoming more important as key words that clarify the dynamic change the processes of these interorganizational relations. The study of these phenomena is known respectively as interorganizational cognition, interorganizational learning, and interorganizational trust. I conduct both theoretical and empirical research in all of these areas.

Notable Publications and Works

  1. 佐々木利廣(2017)「協働戦略を通じたNPOのスケールアップ—NPO法人あおぞらとNPO法人まるの事例を中心に—」『経営論集』64巻4号
  2. 佐々木利廣(2014)『動物園マネジメント』学文社(動物園と水族館をマネジメントの視点から分析)
  3. 佐々木利廣他(2009)『組織間コラボレーション』ナカニシヤ出版(種々なタイプのコラボレーションを事例をもとに分析)
  4. 佐々木利廣編著(2007)『チャレンジ精神の源流-プロジェクトXの経営学』ミネルヴァ書房(NHKのプロジェクトXを複眼的視点から分析したケース分析書)
  5. 佐々木利廣(2003)「企業とNPO のコラボレーション:JAHDS マインアイ共同開発」『経営論集』(オムロンと日本IBM とジオサーチの3 社がNPO のJAHDS と協働で地雷探知装置マインアイを共同開発したケースを分析)
  6. 佐々木利廣(2001)「企業とNPO のグリーン・アライアンス」『組織科学』第35巻第1号(3つのケースをもとに企業とNPOのアライアンスの過程を分析)
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