Professor Yoko Okabe

Area and Subject Taught Information Organization
Research Theme(s) International Comparison to Determine the Compatibility of IT with Japanese Organizations
Academic Degrees Doctor of International Public Policy, Osaka University
Keywords for Research Field Information Technology, Japanese Management Styles,
Organizations, Information Sharing
Office Phone Number 81-75-705-1762
e-mail Not Public

Research Overview

I investigate the appropriate relationship between information technology (IT) and organizations in both theory and practice. New information technologies such as the Internet are dramatically changing the way organizations share information, but how do these trends affect the ways in which information is shared in Japanese management systems and organizations? In Japanese companies, employees traditionally commit to an organization for the long term, and the close personal relationships that develop between such committed employees and the emphasis on face-to-face communication support and galvanize the organization. This arrangement has served Japan well in international competition. However, with new forms of IT, individuals can interact with each other and exchange information at will across a virtual space. While American companies have been highly receptive to the advantages of this open-network mode of sharing information, Japanese firms seem to be on the horns of a dilemma, trying to ascertain how to apply the new technology effectively while preserving existing modes of information sharing. Using case studies, I observe this phenomenon and explore ways or reaching an optimum orientation for Japanese companies.

Notable Publications and Works

  • Language Benefits and Language Costs in Japanese-style Management、京都産業大学論集、社会科学系列、第26 号、1-25、2009。
  • Compatibility between ERP and Japanese-style management 人間環境学研究 第6巻1号・79-87,2008.
    概要:ERP と日本的経営の適合性について検討した。
  • Management Education in Japan, Chandos Publishing Co.,2008.
    概要:米国にMBA 留学中の日本人ビジネスマンの職業意識について調査した。
  • The Cost and Benefits of Using Japanese as a Means of Communication in Japanese Companies
    (単著)、経営学論集 75集・230-231、2005。
  • 日本企業の言語コストと言語ベネフィット―バイリンガル経営の阻害要因の分析を通じて―(単著)、国際ビジネス研究学会年報2005年 101-114。
  • 情報化と内部資源活用型経営:IT・言語・情報モードからの考察(単著)、京都マネジメントレビュー 第5巻、19-34、2004。