Professor Mikihisa Nakano

Area and Subject Taught Production Management
Research Theme(s) Supply-Chain Management
Academic Degrees Doctor of Business Administration, Kobe University
Keywords for Research Field Operations and information Management
Office Phone Number Not Public

Research Overview

The term "supply chain" connotes the way all of the companies involved in supplying consumers with the set of goods they demand are connected like links on a chain. Companies that are able to construct a "strong chain" enhance their ability to raise consumer satisfaction by delivering products and services that fit consumer needs to the market in a timely manner. The management of such a supply chain is known as supplychain management (SCM).
In each supply chain, a number of companies participate as players. Examples include the manufacturer who produces the final product, the suppliers who furnish the raw materials and parts the manufacturer requires, the wholesalers and physical distributors who bring the completed products to the consumer, and the retailers who sell the finished products. Alternatively, a single company may include discrete departments or sections responsible for handling production, sales, logistics and so forth.
Each of these different companies or departments has its own, separate targets and behavioral principles. As such, constructing a strong supply chain is no simple or straightforward matter. Similarly, a strong chain cannot be created simply by imitating companies with advanced supply chains in North America or Europe. For that reason, my research consists of step-by-step research to discover what the problems are and how success can be accomplished.

Notable Publications and Works

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