Professor Takumi Miwa

Area and Subject Taught Human Resource Management
Research Theme(s) Career Development and Human Resource Management in Knowledge-based Society
Academic Degrees Doctor of Business Administration, Kobe University
Keywords for Research Field Knowledge-Based Society, Industrial Architecture,
Career Development, Career Orientation, Human-Resources Management
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e-mail Not Public

Research Overview

The 21st century has been called the age of the knowledge-based society, an era when the success of a company's operations is made or broken by the knowledge and creativity of its people. "Knowledge workers," including new types of specialists such as software engineers, analysts, consultants and others, are expected to lead the growth of modern economies. Outstanding knowledge workers can achieve success by changing their jobs or moving organizations. To develop their own careers, these knowledge workers develop networks inside and outside of their organizations; this characteristic marks a difference from the traditional Japanese career, which takes place within a single company. Thus, the term "career" will have a different meaning for the people of tomorrow's society than it does today. To succeed in this environment, companies will have to construct management systems that make effective use of this new type of human resource. The key themes of my research are the prospects for this new society, the key points in career development in such a society, and a framework for effective human-resource management therein.

Notable Publications and Works

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  3. 『ケーススタディ 優良・成長企業の人事戦略』(共編著)税務経理協会,2015年
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