Professor Lee Wei

Area and Subject Taught Social Research Analysis
Research Theme(s) Theory to guide empirical sociological research
Academic Degrees Master of Sociology (Professional Social Researcher), Kwansei Gakuin University
Keywords for Research Field Sociology, Economic Sociology, Management Culture
Office Phone Number 81-75-705-2937

Research Overview

My research theme is the Positive Sociological study of Theory-Oriented research in other words, my research approach style and methodology. Therefore, my research approach is positive social reality studied empirically in the framework of sociological knowledge, from a standpoint that places importance on empirical validation by a theoryoriented position. I am presently dividing my research efforts across three vital areas:

  1. Research on the cultural capital of cities, based on an international comparison of urban development in French and Chinese cities.
  2. Research on distribution as a culture, emphasizing the international comparison of cultural similarities and differences, as manifest in the distribution systems of China and Japan.
  3. Comparative research on the management culture regarding the cultivation of rice for sake(rice wine) and sake brewing in Japan. I survey rice farmers and sake brewers, and compare the regional culture in the cultivation of Yamada Nishiki sake rice with the management culture in the sake-brewing industry.

To proceed with the above three areas of research, I conducted field surveys in France and China and parallel field surveys of farming communities and sake brewers in Japan. The trait that all of these projects have in common is the constant dialogue from research methodology to theory, and from theory back to research methodology, in a continuing process of academic context.

Notable Publications and Works

  1. Positivistic Sociology Research Guided by Theory: A Hypothesis on "Personal Status". Acta Humanistica et Scientifica Universita Sangio Kyotiensis Social Science Series , No.26, 2009. (in Japanese)
  2. The International Comparative Method by Using Boolean Analysis: A Study on Structure of Status evaluation. Kyoto Management Review , No.13, 2008. (in Japanese)
  3. French cultural policy and City cultural capital, Kansai Journal of Applied Management ,No.36,2008. (in Japanese)
  4. Circulation as culture, ed., Dobunkan ,2007. (in Japanese)
  5. Circulation and society in present-day China, ed., Minervashobo , 2005. (in Japanese)
  6. Circulation and society in present-day Japan, ed., Minervashobo ,2004. (in Japanese)
  7. Social class and the differential of the rich and poor in China (Translation supervision). Harvest , 2004. (in Japanese)
  8. Personl Status in Social Relations, Kwansei Gakuin University Sociology Department Studies , No.93,2003. (in Japanese)