Professor Ryoichi Kubo

Area and Subject Taught Venture Business
Research Theme(s) Innovation, Strategic Processes in Venture Business, Hospital Management
Academic Degrees Master of Commercial Science, Waseda University
Keywords for Research Field Strategic Management, Entrepreneurship
Office Phone Number Not Public

Research Overview

  1. Knowledge transfer: I am conducting an individual research project on the transfer of the technology sources, skills and expertise of project leaders to their successors in certain industries.
  2. Innovation: In a joint research project, I am studying approaches toward the effective and efficient management of research activities in upstream innovation and processes. I set the scope of analysis in projects themselves, and focus on the quality of communication among members. I am currently conducting a series of interviews in this connection.
  3. Strategic processes in venture business: Of the strategies devised and executed by the managers of venture companies, I am focusing my research on measuring"entrepreneurial orientation," a key element of entrepreneurial activity, based on observation of the characteristics of entrepreneurs' actions.
  4. Hospital management: I am moving forward with research on two vital questions in hospital management: What impact is the advent of IT (particularly electronic medical records) having on hospital organisation? And what factors trigger effective and efficient introduction and implementation of IT in medical services?

Notable Publications and Works

  1. 久保亮一(2008)「ベンチャー企業とビジネスモデルのイノベーション」京都産業大学経営学部編『マネジメントを学ぶ』第10章, ミネルヴァ書房.
  2. 久保亮一(2007)「新規事業創造 事業創出と持続的成長の実現」佐々木利廣編『チャレンジ精神の源流―プロジェクトXの経営学』ミネルヴァ書房, pp. 3-30.
  3. 具承桓・久保亮一(2006)「病院組織における情報技術の導入と組織変革、その効果分析」『日本経営学会誌』第18号, pp. 3-16.
  4. 久保亮一(2005)「企業の戦略におけるアントレプナーシップの要素 Entrepreneurial Orientation を中心に」『京都マネジメント・レビュー』第8号.
  5. 久保亮一・具承桓(2005)「規制産業におけるサービス企業の競争優位」『赤門マネジメント・レビュー』4巻12号pp. 599-622. グローバルビジネスリサーチセンター.