Professor Gen Fukutomi

Area and Subject Taught Marketing Research
Research Theme(s) Sales and Service Management
Academic Degrees Doctor of Commerce, Hitotsubashi University
Keywords for Research Field Distribution, Marketing Channels, Sales Management
Office Phone Number Not Public

Research Overview

My research interest is at management of sales and service organizations. Such factors as delegation, sales and marketing capabilities, leadership, and interpersonal networks of sales and service people are of special interest. I have been participating in the project of marketing capabilities of Japanese companies to examine autonomous sales team is effective enough to vitalize sales activities, whereas it has a negative effect on business performance. Marketing strategy, on the contrary, plays a key role in sales management to achieve better performance. A series of large-scale quantitative studies support the significance of marketing department. It also reveals how organizations train and lead their sales and service people. In another project, I have been conducting qualitative and quantitative researches on organizational identification of sales and service people. Implications to draw desirable sales outputs are investigated by focusing on factors of leadership, justice, and reference groups of employees.

Notable Publications and Works

  • 'Dysfunction from Focusing on Overseas Business,' "GSTF Journal on Business Review"
    Vol.5(No.1), pp.28-37, 2017. (co-authored)
  • Nihon Kigyo no Marketing Ryoku (MarketingStrategy and Organizational Processes: An Empirical Study on Japanese Firms). Tokyo: Yuhikaku, 2012. (Coauthored. Written in Japanese)
  • Naze Ano Kaisha no Kokyakumanzoku ha Takainoka (Why Their Customer Satisfaction Scores High?). Tokyo: Doyukan, 2012. (Coauthored. Written in Japanese)