Faculty Members

Faculty supervisors are marked with an asterisk (*).

(Alphabetical order / Incumbent, 2018)


Position NameArea and Subject Research Theme(s)
Associate Professor Hirochika Akaoka Business management Management Regarding Safety, Usability, and Efficiency
Professor Gen Fukutomi Marketing Research Sales and Service Management
*Professor Takehisa Hashimoto Accounting Bookkeeping, Financial Accounting and accounting History
Associate Professor Yusuke Ibuki Corporate Communications Strategy and Organization of Advertising Agencies, Corporate Communications
*Associate Professor Naoe Imura Product Development Design Management, Risk Management
Professor Yu Ishimitsu Financial Analysis Business Valuation and Financial Accounting
*Professor Susumu Ito Management Accounting Management Accounting
*Professor Hideki Iwaki Financial Engineering Studies of Finance by the Financial Engineering Approach
*Associate Professor Jun Kanamitsu Social Networks Social Network Analysis, Social Network Theory
Associate Professor Kimihisa Komura Business and Society Interaction between business and society
*Professor Takahito Kondou Cost Management Performance measurement and management control
Professor Ryoichi Kubo Venture Business Innovaiton, Strategic Processes in Venture Business, Hospital Management
*Associate Professor Masami Minowa Theory of Management Strategy The Business Model as a Source of Competitive Advantage
*Professor Takumi Miwa Human Resource Management Careers in Knowledge-Driven Society and Human-Resources Management
Professor Yasufumi Morinaga Design Management Design Management
Professor Kenji Nakada Taxation, Accounting Search for the appropriate tax system in Japan, as a part of the globe
*Professor Toru Nakai Financial Management SMEs and Finance
*Professor Mikihisa Nakano Production Management Supply-Chain Management
Professor Yoko Okabe Information Organization International Comparison to Determine the Compatibility of IT with Japanese Organizations
*Professor Toshihiro Sasaki Organizational Theory Interorganizational Relations and Collaboration between Businesses and NPOs
*Professor Ku Seunghwan Innovation Management Innovation Systems and Linkages of Product development, R & D, Operation, Logistics and IT. Globalization and Competitive Strategy in R & D and Manufacturing Operation
*Professor Takao Shiba Business History The Development of Heavy-Industry Companies in Japan, Corporate Failure
*Professor Ken-ichi Shinohara Employment Relations Study of work organizations in the perspective of international comparison
Professor Yoshihiko Suzawa Insurance Theory Risk Management and Finance in Organizational Management
*Professor Tsuguyoshi Ueno American Business and Labor History
  1. The History of the Safety Movement and the Personnel Management in the Progressive Period in the U.S.
  2. Environmental Business History.
Associate Professor Ryuji Wakuta Consumer Behavior Repeat Purchase and Customer Retention
Professor Lee Wei Social Research Analysis Theory to guide empirical sociological research
*Professor Hiroyuki Yoshida History of Marketing Strategy Dynamic Analysis of Strategic Behavior in the Marketing of Japanese Companies
*Professor Ichiro Yoshioka Accounting and Auditing Auditing of Financial Statements, Accounting Ethic
Associate Professor Miwa Yukimachi Financial Accounting International accounting, Convergence, The subject of accounting standards in each country
*Professor Keiko Zaima Environmental Management Theoretical and Empirical Researches on the Formation of an Environmentally Conscious Society