Faculty Members

Faculty supervisors are marked with an asterisk (*).

(Alphabetical order / Incumbent, 2017)


Position NameArea and Subject Research Theme(s)
*Associate Professor Gen Fukutomi Marketing Research Sales and Service Management
*Professor Takehisa Hashimoto Accounting Bookkeeping, Financial Accounting and accounting History
*Associate Professor Yusuke Ibuki Corporate Communications Strategy and Organization of Advertising Agencies, Corporate Communications
*Associate Professor Naoe Imura Product Development Design Management, Risk Management
*Associate Professor Yu Ishimitsu Financial Analysis Business Valuation and Financial Accounting
*Professor Susumu Ito Management Accounting Management Accounting
*Professor Hideki Iwaki Financial Engineering Studies of Finance by the Financial Engineering Approach
*Associate Professor Jun Kanamitsu Social Networks Social Network Analysis, Social Network Theory
*Associate Professor Kimihisa Komura Business and Society Interaction between business and society
*Professor Takahito Kondou Cost Management Performance measurement and management control
*Associate Professor Ryoichi Kubo Venture Business Innovaiton, Strategic Processes in Venture Business, Hospital Management
*Associate Professor Masami Minowa Theory of Management Strategy The Business Model as a Source of Competitive Advantage
*Professor Takumi Miwa Human Resource Management Careers in Knowledge-Driven Society and Human-Resources Management
Professor Kenji Nakada Taxation, Accounting Search for the appropriate tax system in Japan, as a part of the globe
*Professor Toru Nakai Financial Management SMEs and Finance
*Professor Mikihisa Nakano Production Management Supply-Chain Management
*Professor Nobuyoshi Ohmuro Social Innovation Social Innovation
*Professor Yoko Okabe Information Organization International Comparison to Determine the Compatibility of IT with Japanese Organizations
*Professor Toshihiro Sasaki Organizational Theory Interorganizational Relations and Collaboration between Businesses and NPOs
*Professor Ku Seunghwan Innovation Management Innovation Systems and Linkages of Product development, R & D, Operation, Logistics and IT. Globalization and Competitive Strategy in R & D and Manufacturing Operation
*Professor Takao Shiba Business History The Development of Heavy-Industry Companies in Japan, Corporate Failure
*Professor Ken-ichi Shinohara Employment Relations Study of work organizations in the perspective of international comparison
*Professor Yoshihiko Suzawa Insurance Theory Risk Management and Finance in Organizational Management
*Professor Mariko Ueki International Management Knowledge Creation and the Inter-organizational Knowledge Transfer of Global firms
*Professor Tsuguyoshi Ueno American Business and Labor History
  1. The History of the Safety Movement and the Personnel Management in the Progressive Period in the U.S.
  2. Environmental Business History.
*Professor Lee Wei Social Research Analysis Theory to guide empirical sociological research
*Professor Hiroyuki Yoshida History of Marketing Strategy Dynamic Analysis of Strategic Behavior in the Marketing of Japanese Companies
*Professor Ichiro Yoshioka Accounting and Auditing Auditing of Financial Statements, Accounting Ethic
*Associate Professor Miwa Yukimachi Financial Accounting International accounting, Convergence, The subject of accounting standards in each country
*Professor Keiko Zaima Environmental Management Theoretical and Empirical Researches on the Formation of an Environmentally Conscious Society