Division of Management

Developing high-level professionals who play a invaluable role in the rapidly changing society.

The educational goal of the graduate school of Management is to provide top-level management education based on a synthesis of the management sciences applicable to a diversity of organizations. The curriculum includes intensive seminar given by full-time faculty and advanced courses of each of these areas —Strategy and Organizational Structure, Social Management, Corporate Communication, and Accounting and Finance, and fosters highly-developed professionals with good management skills and capability.

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Open-door entry for all applicants

The division welcomes all students and business persons who wish to develop their management capability. A student’s motivation and reasons for enrollment are more important than undergraduate major or field they pursued. Remedial courses (open undergraduate courses) are offered to assist beginning students in gaining basic knowledge in specialized areas new to them.

Distinctive degree programs

The Dual Degree Program (DDP) allows students to obtain a master’s degree of Kyoto Sangyo University and an MBA of University of Missouri in the United States. The Joint Program (for Tax Experts) is a unique program that allows one to obtain two degrees of master of business administration and master of laws at least three years. This program also allows to apply for exemption from the three-subject stipulation on Japan’s certified public tax accountant exam.

The Division of Management will take bold steps over the next several years to enhance the functionality of the division in response to the rapid changes taking place in the world. Efforts will include developing human resources that play an active role in the globalizing society , and in the local community.
The diuision will make the remedial cources move satisfactory and introduce a front-line curriculum responsive to the changing situation.

The division aims to produce professionals with good management capability to countribute to the society in various organizations, by dedicating efforts to faculty development activities and collaboration with the local community.

Faculty Members