Professor Hideo Murata

Area and Subject Taught Dietetics and Hygienics
Research Theme(s) Nutritional and hygienic study on the adverse effects of feed-borne toxic substances in animals
Academic Degrees Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, Hokkaido University
Keywords for Research Field Applied Veterinary Medicine, Study of Domestic Animal Breeding, Mycotoxin, Melamine, Kidney Function
Office Phone Number 81-75-705-3124

Research Overview

Both humans and animals require a living environment in which they can obtain safe food (feed for animals) in order to maintain their health. The aim of my research is to use the behavior of the biological adjustment mechanism (metabolism and immunity) as a guide to scientifi cally confi rm the infl uence that feed content and the way it is fed (nutritional management) has on maintaining the health of and protecting the life of an animal (hygiene). As part of this work, over the last few years, I have researched and published my fi ndings on the eff ects of feed containing mycotoxin and methods to remove it.
I am planning to research the effect of melamine infection further, a substance that has contaminated dairy products and pet food in recent years causing a huge effect on and creating great uneasiness in societies. My specifi c aim is to shed light on the harmful eff ects (mechanism that causes impairment) of melamine and how the issues should be approached issue through the use of experimental animals, and then establish screening detection methods that are even more simple, lower in price, and precise than present ones that can be used in places where food or feed is produced, circulated, and consumed.
I envisage that by achieving this, I will be able to academically assist governmental departments involved in food hygiene and feed safety and will also be able to provide useful scientifi c knowledge that will help consumers feel more at ease.

Notable Publications and Works in the Last Three Years

S. Taksinoros and H. Murata. Effects of polyvinylpyrrolidone on in vitro melamine cyanurate crystal formation: An electron microscopy study. Journal of Veterinary Medical Science 75 (2013) in press
S. Taksinoros and H. Murata. Effects of serum proteins on in vitro melamine-cyanurate crystal formation. Journal of Veterinary Medical Science 74 (2012) 1569-1573
H. Murata, D. Yamaguchi, A. Nagai and N. Shimada. Reduction of deoxynivalenol contaminating corn silage by short-term ultraviolet irradiation: A pilot study. Journal of Veterinary Medical Science73 (2011) 1059-1060.
O. Mikami, M. Kubo, H. Murata, Y. Muneta, Y. Nakajima, S. Miyazaki, N. Tanimura and K. Katsuda. The effects of acute exposure to deoxynivalenol on some inflammatory parameters in miniature pigs. Journal of Veterinary Medical Science73 (2011) 665-671. H. Murata and K. Otsuki. Swine infl uenza and cytokines: Less of a storm, more of a breeze. Veterinary Journal 187(2011). 16-17.
O. Mikami, H. Yamaguchi, H. Murata, Y. Nakajima and S. Miyazaki. Induction of apoptotic lesions in liver and lymphoid tissues and modulation of cytokine mRNA expression by acute exposure to deoxynivalenol in piglets. Journal of Veterinary Science 11(2010). 107-113.