Professor Akihiko Maeda

Area and Subject Taught Environmental Hygiene
Research Theme(s) Ecological and molecular biological studies of pathogenic microbes
Academic Degrees D.V.M., Ph.D.
Keywords for Research Field Virology, Epidemiology, Zoonosis
Office Phone Number 81-75-705-3122

Research Overview

My main research area is molecular virology and molecular epidemiology of viral zoonotic diseases, especially mosquito-borne flaviviruses diseases. Mosquito-borne flaviviruses cause severe fever, encephalitis, and hemorrhagic fever in human and animals. The diseases are major public concern all over the world due to recent global warming. My current research themes are (1) molecular characterization of mosquitoborne fl aviviruses infection to fi gure host-virus interaction out, and (2) analysis of virus ecology in nature to understand how the viruses outbreak in human and animals.

Notable Publications and Works in the Last Three Years

  1. Kotoh, J., Sasaki, D., Kozo Matsumoto, K., and Maeda, A. Plekhs1 and Prdx3 are candidate genes responsible for mild hyperglycemia associated with obesity in a new animal model of F344-fa-nidd6 rat. J. Vet. Med. Sci. 78: 1683-1691
  2. Yoshii, K., Okamoto, N., Klaus Hofstetter, R., Yabu, T., Masumoto, H., Someya, A., Kariwa, H., and Maeda, A. Isolation of the Thogoto virus from a Haemaphysalis longicornis in Kyoto City, Japan. 2015. J. Gen. Virol. 96: 2099-2103
  3. Velado Fernández, I., Okamoto, N., Ito, A., Fukuda, M., Someya, A., Nishino, N., Sasaki, N., and Maeda, A. Development of a novel protocol for generating flavivirus reporter particles. 2014, Journal of Virological Methods, 208: 96-101
  4. Makino, Y., Suzuki, T., Hasebe, R., Kimura, T., Maeda, A., Takahashi, H., and Sawa, H. Establishment of tracking system for West Nile virus entry and evidence of microtubule involvement in particle transport. 2014, Journal of Virological Methods, 195: 250-257
  5. Maeda, A., and Maeda, J. Review of diagnostic plaque reduction neutralization tests for flavivirus infection. 2013, Veterinaly Journal 195: 33-40