Associate Professor Kohki Kawane

Area and Subject Taught Cell Biology
Research Theme(s) Molecular mechanism and physiological role of epithelial cell death in digestive tract
Academic Degrees MD Ph D
Keywords for Research Field Cell Death, Apoptosis, Epithelia, Gut
Office Phone Number 81-75-705-1464

Research Overview

The homeostasis in gut is maintained by the balance of proliferation and death of epithelial cells with the barrier function of epithelia. The impairment of them causes various disease such as cancer, inflammatory disease, and infection in gut. I focus on two related phenomena, cell death and DNA degradation, to decipher their molecular mechanism and role for gut homeostasis. One of interesting hallmark of epithelial cell death is that they undergo cell death with the interaction between neighboring cells, making a distinction from typical apoptosis and necrosis. The insight obtained from the project will contribute to understand the disease in gut and develop novel treatments against them.

Notable Publications and Works in the Last Three Years

  1. Chan MP, Onji M, Fukui R, Kawane K, Shibata T, Saitoh S, Ohto U, Shimizu T, Barber GN, Miyake K: DNase II-dependent DNA digestion is required for DNA sensing by TLR9 degradation. Nat Commun. 6: 5853, 2015
  2. Kawane K, Nagata S: DNA degradation and its defects. Cold Spring Harb Perspect Biol. 6: pii: a016394, 2014