Associate Professor Akira Kawabe

Area and Subject Taught Molecular Population Genetics
Research Theme(s) Research on the maintenance mechanisms of DNA variation in Plant species.
Academic Degrees Ph.D. (Agriculture), Kyoto University
Keywords for Research Field DNA Polymorphism, DNA Centromere, DNA Repeat
Office Phone Number 81-75-705-3126

Research Overview

In recent years, genome information of various species has been mapped, and genome science is developing with the use of that information.
To make clear the evolutionary process of living organisms and to understand how biological diversity is preserved, it is absolutely necessary to make clear the diff erences in diff ering species and within the same species at a genome-sequence level. I am aiming to shed light on how variations emerge at the DNA level, how those variations are preserved and become fixed, and, in particular, the effect that chromosome structure has on DNA variation.
Currently, my research is focused mainly on using plants to analyze the evolutionary process of centromere functional regions, variation patterns in genetic locus that are epigenetically regulated, and also to analyze intra/interspecies variation patterns of transposable elements.

Notable Publications and Works in the Last Three Years

T. Yoshida, HY. Furihata, A. Kawabe
Patterns of genomic integration of nuclear chloroplast DNA fragments in plant species. DNA Research 2014, 21, 127-140
T. Yoshida, A. Kawabe
Importance of Gene Duplication in the Evolution of Genomic Imprinting Revealed by Molecular Evolutionary Analysis of the Type I MADS-Box Gene Family in Arabidopsis Species. PLOS One. 2013. 2, e73588
Y. Fu, A. Kawabe, M. Etcheverry, T. Ito, A. Toyoda, A. Fujiyama, V. Colot, Y. Tarutani, T. Kakutani
Mobilization of a plant transposon by expression of the transposon-encoded anti-silencing factor. EMBO J. 2013. 32, 2407-2417
H. Ito, T. Yoshida, S. Tsukahara, A. Kawabe
Evolution of the ONSEN retrotransposon family activated upon heat stress in Brassicaceae. Gene. 2013. 518, 256-261
S. Tsukahara, A. Kawabe, A. Kobayashi, T. Ito, T. Aizu, T. Shin-i, A. Toyoda, A. Fujiyama, Y. Tarutani, T. Kakutani
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