Professor Takuya Yoshizawa

Area and Subject Taught Commercial Law, Insurance Law and Regulation
Research Theme(s) Essence of Insurance and Insurance Contract Law, Regulation of Entry into Insurance Market
Academic Degrees Ph.D.(Economics), LL.M.
Keywords for Research Field Insurance Contract Law, Insurance Regulation
Office Phone Number Not Public

Research Overview

The fact that insurance is one of the economic system has certain effects on insurance contract law. I have been reviewing the essence of insurance and these effects.
In addition, my research covers the insurance regulation of market entry, in particular market entry into Japanese market by foreign insurers.

Notable Publications and Works

Articles(latest 3 years)

  1. Application of Foreign Regulations Prohibiting Direct Insurance
  2. Does the Liability Insurance Defense Policy Without Direct Action Clause Violate Attorney Act §72?
  3. What Exactly Constitutes an “Accident” Under Personal Accident Insurance Policies?
  4. Applicable Law of a Life Insurance Contract Which Policyholder and Beneficiary resides in Foreign Country
  5. The Propriety of the Enforcement of the Japanese Insurance Contract Act and Repeal of the Related Commercial Code Provisions in Light of the Mechanism of Insurance
  6. 「通信による保険の越境取引に関する規制の在り方(1)(2完)」損害保険研究78巻1号(2016年5月)1-25頁、同巻2号(2016年8月)1-32頁(単著)
  7. Legal Reasoning for Life Settlements Transaction in Japan
  8. Directors’ Liability for the Bankruptcy of Taisei Fire & Marine Insurance Company
  9. 「海上保険法現代化について―国際競争と抵触法の観点から―」損害保険研究77巻1号(2015年5月)1-43頁(単著)


  1. 『保険の仕組み -保険を機能的に捉える-』(2006年5月)千倉書房(単著)
  2. 『企業のリスク・ファイナンスと保険』(2001年1月)千倉書房(単著)