Associate Professor Chikao Uranaka

Area and Subject Taught Security policy in local society
Research Theme(s) Study of the concept of police in terms of politics, Security measures, Study of social security
Academic Degrees Ph.D (Politics) of Université Toulouse 1 Capitole, France
Keywords for Research Field study of police, social security, security measures, France, self-help, public help, mutual assistance, police nationale, gendarmerie nationale, polieces municipals.
Office Phone Number 81-75-705-1651

Research Overview

  • I am studying political influences and measures related to safety and security by putting a focus on "police". It is said that there is a society without police, but there is no society where the police function does not exist. How does the police (function) interact with the society where people live?
  • My research is to seek a solution to protect a secure life and improve the quality of safety (QOL: Quality Of Life) from the viewpoint of security. Every country in the world sets forth various policies in view of serious security situations. The goal of my research is to make suggestions to our country by comparing these policies.
  • Research of the legal policy in France

Notable Publications and Works

Chikao Uranaka, The Fight against Terrorisme,and French Society: With a Presidential Election Scheduled in 2017, "Kaigai Jijo" Vol.64 No 12, 2016.
Chikao Uranaka, La lutte contre le terrorisme et l'état d'urgence en France, "Sandai Law Revieu" Vol.50 No1/2, 2017.
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