Associate Professor Tatsuya Ueno

Area and Subject Taught Civil Law
Research Theme(s) Civil Law and Special Private Law
Academic Degrees Bachelor of Laws, Kyoto University
Keywords for Research Field Civil Law, Special Private Law, Consumer Law
Office Phone Number Not Public

Research Overview

Students pay large admission and tuition fees to enter universities. Some students pay admission fees to more than one school. Some people wondered why they paid so much money, even though they didn't actually enroll in each of the universities. This issue was tried in a lawsuit, and the court issued an order that the tuition fees be refunded to students on the grounds of the Consumer Contracts Law.
This is where the problem starts. You agreed to pay the money, so it doesn't seem logical that you can file for a return of the money. Is there even a need to honor agreements? Some would say that this is required by the law, but this is not the answer. The question is, why is it prescribed in the law? There is not a single, easy answer to this question.
I have been engaged in research activities with a view to clarifying the above issues and how they are addressed in by private law.

Notable Publications and Works

――1970 年代、80 年代のドイツにおける消費者法論争を手がかりとして」
法学論叢159 巻3 号55-90 頁、同5 号30-58 頁(2006 年)