Professor Kazuhide Uemura

Area and Subject Taught History of Political Ideas
Research Theme(s) Comparative Studies in Nationalism
Academic Degrees Bachelor of Laws
Keywords for Research Field Study on Nationalism, Politics, History of Ideas
Office Phone Number Not Public

Research Overview

I am doing research in nationalism. "Nationalism" is a concept/word that can be variously translated into Japanese as kokumin-shugi, kokusui-shugi, minzoku-shugi, and kokkashugi.
T he main regions my research addresses are Germany, Eastern Europe, and Japan. My current research themes are issues of German minority groups in Eastern Europe and the various aspects of the nationalism in Showa-Period Japan (1926-1989). I have been studying the fates of German minorities in Eastern Europe during the upheavals of the 20th century, and how that affected the national state of "Germany." During the course of my studies, I came to feel it was necessary to compare such issues with similar issues in Japan, and I have shifted the focus of my research. At present, I am focusing on the various aspects of the nationalism during the Showa Period in Japan in terms of the changes in the nation of "Japan". To aid my research, I often refer to the works of Masao Maruyama, Kiyoshi Hiraizumi, Muneki Minoda, and Kyoto-School scholars. I am trying to uncover specific characteristics of Japan's case in their analyses and proposals.

Notable Publications and Works

  1. 植村和秀『折口信夫-日本の保守主義者』、中公新書、2017年。
  2. Kazuhiro Takii/Michael Wachutka hrsg.,Staatsverständnis in Japan, Nomos,2016。(共著)
  3. 植村和秀「ナショナリズム入門」、講談社現代新書、2014年。
  4. 佐藤卓己・渡辺靖・柴内康文編「ソフト・パワーのメディア文化政策—国際発信力を求めて」、新曜社、2012年。(共著)
  5. 植村和秀「日本のソフトパワー—本物の〈復興〉が世界を動かす」、創元社、2012年。
  6. 木村雅昭・中谷真憲編「覇権以後の世界秩序―海図なき時代と日本の明日」、ミネルヴァ書房、2012年。(共著)
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