Professor Tomoko Terasawa

Area and Subject Taught Civil Code
Research Theme(s) Civil Law and Medical Law
Academic Degrees Doctor of Laws, Osaka University
Keywords for Research Field Civil Code, Medical Law, Medical Malpractice, Bioethics
Office Phone Number Not Public

Research Overview

I am doing research on issues relating to medical care from the standpoint of Civil Code. Issues about medical care and law extend to many areas, including medical malpractice due to technical errors or insufficient explanations, as well as bioethics related to organ transplants, assisted reproduction technologies, human cloning, and other advanced medical care. These issues require consideration not only from the viewpoints doctors and medical institutions, but also consideration of how medical care should be carried out in relation to patients and recipients of medical care. As a research theme, I consider the existence of a doctor-patient to be a prerequisite for the doctor's duty of care. I mainly engage issues concerning doctors' explanations to patients and agreements, known as "informed consent". Starting from considerations about what duty of care should be imposed on doctors and medical institutions who deal with recipients of medical care, I am researching what the contents and criteria of the duty of care, and toward whom that duty applies. In other words, I am researching how we should understand the relationship between doctors and the families of patients.

Notable Publications and Works

  1. 「 高齢者医療とインフォームド・コンセント」甲斐克則編『医事法講座第2巻インフォームド・コンセントと医事法』217 頁-236 頁、(信山社、2010 年)
  2. 「 生体移植と医療過誤」法律時報79 巻10 号(2007 年)25 頁- 29 頁
  3. 「 医療行為に対する承諾の相対化と法的評価」新井誠編著『成年後見と医療行為』(日本評論社、2007 年)107 頁- 135 頁
  4. 「 『承諾能力』のない人への治療行為の決定と承諾」潮見佳男編『國井和郎先生還暦記念論文集 民事法学の軌跡と展望』453 頁- 473 頁、(日本評論社、2002 年)