Professor Masahiro Tamura

Area and Subject Taught Social safety policies
Research Theme(s) Acquisition and storage of information as well as control the police by the citizens
Academic Degrees Bachelor (Law) of Kyoto University
Keywords for Research Field Social safety policies, coordination between administrative agencies, police administrative law, control of administrative law related to information
Office Phone Number Not Public

Research Overview

Based on my experience of working for the law enforcement, I conduct extensive research of the safety of society and police.
Concerning social safety, I investigate the actual circumstances of local communities concerning the coordination between various agencies needed to cope with the problem related to delinquent children while conducting analysis and making suggestions. Concerning measures for organized crime, I am conducting analysis on the history and significance of the Organized Crime Exclusion Ordinances that have heavily impacted the society recently.
In the field of police administrative law, I have been making theoretical arguments from the view of exercising authority for protecting individuals (prevention of harm and protection of victims) by defying the opinions concerning the limit of police authority. In recent years, I have been proposing new comprehensive police administrative law that takes into consideration control of the police.
Especially concerning the acquisition and storage of information for the purpose of police investigation, I have been observing the effects of administrative control concerning problems arising in regards to security cameras and DNA-type information data that laws of the criminal procedure code do not apply. I believe that the establishment of rules of the local public safety committees and the control by such committees are critical.

Notable Publications and Works

Masahiro Tamura “Administrative Law Control of the Collection and Handling of Information by the Police,”Sandai Law Review Volume 50, Issue 1,2 (Kyoto Sangyo University Law Association,2017)
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Masahiro Tamura “Completely Revised: Explanation of Police Administrative Law” Second edition (sole author) (Tokyo Horei Publishing, 2015)
Masahiro Tamura “Boryokudan (Yakuza) Exclusionary Ordinances and Future Anti-Organized Crime Legislation,”Sandai Law Review Volume 48, Issue 1,2 (Kyoto Sangyo University Law Association,2015)
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