Professor Junko Takahata

Area and Subject Taught Social Security Law
Research Theme(s) A Comparative Study of the Japanese and German Unemployment Insurance Law
Academic Degrees Master's (Human and Environmental Studies), Kyoto University
Keywords for Research Field Unemployment Insurance, Public Assistance, Unemployment
Office Phone Number Not Public
e-mail Not Public

Research Overview

My research focuses on life security during periods of unemployment. In Japan, many unemployed people receive basic benefits from unemployment insurance, while some unemployed people are not entitled to such benefits and must rely on the national welfare systems. However, many of the unemployed cannot obtain life security from unemployment insurance or welfare systems. Therefore, it is necessary to support them by providing adequate income security and opportunities for occupational training, as well as jobs for those who have ability to work, so that they can live without depending on benefits. I am interested in the reform of the labor market in Germany, which is proceeding in this direction.

Notable Publications and Works

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  2. Junko Takahata,2012,“How Can Unemployment Benefits Best Addres the Interruption of Working Life Due to Unemployment?”Journal of Social Security Law,No.27(in Japanese)
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