Professor Hiroshi Suga

Area and Subject Taught Constitution
Research Theme(s) History of the Japanese Constitution in the Modern Age, Religious Law in Germany
Academic Degrees Master of Laws, Kyoto University
Keywords for Research Field History of the Japanese Constitution in the Modern Age, the Constitution of the Empire of Japan, Religious Law in Germany
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e-mail Not Public

Research Overview

The ultimate purpose of my research is to illuminate the history of the Japanese Constitution in the modern age. Generally, the history of the constitution can be divided into three areas: the formation of the constitutional system, the operation of the constitutions, and the ideas and academic theories of the constitution. My research proceeds from the Meiji Era onward for operation of the Meiji-Constitution, and retroactively from the Showa Era for academic theories of the Constitution. For the former, I employ the empirical methods of historical science, referring to primary sources as much as possible. For the latter, I pay more attention to how the academic theories were inherited from the German jurisprudence, for which I will partly utilize the methodology of the comparative history of ideas.
In the area of religious law in Germany, there are many problems reflecting the unclear conditions after national reunification, and my research starts from present-day issues. In the future, I intend to study the historical development in this field and compare it with the relationship between State and religious bodies in modern Japan.

Notable Publications and Works


  1. 「日本近代憲法学説史における剰余金支出違憲論争」大石眞先生還暦記念『憲法改革の理念と展開 下巻』(信山社・2012年)所収
  2. 「 ドイツにおける私法上の宗教団体」初宿正典先生還暦記念『各国憲法の差異と接点』(成文堂・2010 年)所収
  3. 「司法権を『法律ニ依リ』行うこと」佐藤幸治先生古稀記念『国民主権と法の支配 上巻』(成文堂・2008 年)所収


  1. K・シュテルン『ドイツ憲法Ⅰ 総論・統治編』(共訳・信山社・2009 年)
  2. 『 原典対訳 連邦憲法裁判所法』(初宿正典教授と共編訳・成文堂・2003 年)


  1. 清水澄博士御進講「帝国憲法」(1)~(6・完)藝林 57 巻1 号~59 巻2 号(2008 ~ 10 年)