Professor Fumio Shibata

Area and Subject Taught Social Security Policies
Research Theme(s) Social Security Policies, Public Administration
Academic Degrees Bachelor of Laws, Tokyo University
Keywords for Research Field Pension, Medical Policies, Social Inclusion
Office Phone Number 81-75-705-1814

Research Overview

I have been doing research mainly on two themes. The first is a study of social inclusion policies. In Japan the importance of non-standard jobs has increased in recent years, and the risks of poverty and employment instability have in turn also increased. In the EU, social inclusion policies have been promoted to tackle the problems of employment, poverty and other social affairs for over a decade. The necessity of such policies has now begun to be recognized in Japan.
My second research theme is a study of the medical and long-term care policies of the national and local governments like Kyoto Prefecture. The number of people in Japan aged 65 or over now constitute about 25 percent of the population because of the country’s low fertility rate and the longest life span in the world. There is a growing need for medical and long-term care services and the sustainability of the current national and local policies concerning those areas is of great concern.

Notable Publications and Works

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