Professor Akiko Okamoto

Area and Subject Taught Criminal Law
Research Theme(s) Theory of Justifications, Japanese Criminal Law,
Anglo-American Criminal Law
Academic Degrees Doctor of Laws., Doshisha University
Keywords for Research Field Criminal Law, Justifications, Self-Defence, Canadian Criminal Law
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e-mail Not Public

Research Overview

My field of study is Japanese criminal law theory with a specialization in Justifications. Though there are many issues to be solved in this field, I have been focusing on "self-defence" as one of the most important and fundamental issues in Justifications. My doctoral thesis focused on the extent to which force is justified in repelling a provoked assault. This issue has been recognized as one of the most difficult and important issues, and many scholars have attempted to clarify it by studying German criminal law. The distinctiveness of my theses are that they are not solely based on the study of German criminal law but also Canadian criminal law which has not been studied in this context in Japan.
I am also interested in the difference between Canadian criminal law theory and its historical source, British criminal law theory. I am hoping to settle problems in Japanese criminal law theory by using this unique approach in Japan.

Notable Publications and Works

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  2. 『刑法の判例〔総論〕』(2011年、成文堂)(共著)
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