Professor Masanori Nakatani

Area and Subject Taught Theory of Political System
Research Theme(s) Public Policy and Political Culture under the French Fifth Republic
Academic Degrees Master of Laws, Kyoto University
Keywords for Research Field France, Theory of Political Culture, Public Policy
Office Phone Number 81-75-705-1804
e-mail Not Public

Research Overview

Focusing on the French Fifth Republic, I have been doing research on its political traditions and changes. Just as people have defining characteristics, politics has a culture related to its country. Apart from commonly utilized approaches based on intellectual history, including thought and literature, I generally pursue underlying ideologies and cultures by referring to national policies. In order to understand the character of someone, we usually observe that person's behavior before analyzing the books the person is reading. Likewise, I believe that, to understand the political culture of a certain country, it is necessary to begin by analyzing the policy output and then consider what ideology has served to guide it to the political level.
France has developed unique policies in terms of separation of politics and religion, and unification of immigrants. It has also maintained its unique status in the field of diplomacy, as witnessed in France's confrontation with the United States over the war in Iraq. These kinds of policies are supported by French political ideologies based on understanding of themselves, even though such ideologies are very different between right-wing and left-wing thinkers. Whatever the case may be, I want to further explore the identity of the political culture and ideology of France through research on the history of typical public policies.

Notable Publications and Works

  1. 共著『日本発の「世界」思想』藤原書店(東郷和彦・森哲郎・中谷真憲編)、平成29年
  2. 共著『覇権以後の世界秩序』ミネルヴァ書房(木村雅昭・中谷真憲編)、平成24年
  3. 拙論「フランスの移民政策とそのディスクール」、『産大法学』、第42 巻第2 号、平成20 年
  4. 拙論(資料)「暴動の裏側-フランス二〇〇五~二〇〇六年」、『産大法学』、第41 巻第1 号、平成19 年
  5. 共著『外国人参政権問題の国際比較』昭和堂(河原祐馬・植村和秀編)、平成18 年
    :第2 章「フランスにおける移民の社会統合と共和国理念」を執筆。
  6. 共著『シティズンシップの教育学』晃洋書房、平成18 年
    :第7 章「宗教教育―フランスにおける非宗教性原理と公民教育」を執筆。
  7. 拙論「米国に対抗するフランスの論理」、『産大法学』、第38 巻第2 号、平成16 年
  8. 共著『市民社会と市場のはざま―公共理念の再生に向けて』晃洋書房、平成16 年