Associate Professor Kuniyoshi Nakamura

Area and Subject Taught Criminal Law
Research Theme(s) Responsibility Theory in the Criminal Law
Academic Degrees Master of Laws, Chuo University
Keywords for Research Field Intention, Mistake of Justification Circumstances, Criminal Responsibility
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Research Overview

I mainly study responsibility theory in the criminal law. There was the original interest in a mistake theory and the problem of an intentional systematic position. When the mistake theory placed intention and a fault in a constitution matter theory not responsibility theory to remove a fault act from the object of the illegal evaluation, the mistake of justification circumstances represented by misunderstanding-based defense was a thing how should have been handled. I came to have interest towards a problem of the constitution of the responsibility concept afterwards. When I let it is traditional, and a responsibility element - a responsibility form and intention and the fault that have been done shift to a constitution matter theory from responsibility theory, responsibility theory had for is contents how should consist of it.
Besides, I came to have interest towards a problem of the freedom of the intention to be discussed as a premise of the responsibility.
I have what I study as a problem while I stand on the document of the comparison method such as Austria or Switzerland about such a problem including Germany which had a great influence on the detective law of our country, and clarifying the various background circumstances to be concerned with historic development of the crime theory.

Notable Publications and Works

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