Professor Ayumu Nakai

Area and Subject Taught Political process
Research Theme(s) Political process of Japan
Academic Degrees Master of Law, Kyoto University
Keywords for Research Field Political process, Policy process
Office Phone Number 81-75-705-1832

Research Overview

The Japanese politics has been now in the big change period, after an election system reform and a system reform of the cabinet functional enhancement both done in the 1990's. In this big change period, active arguments have done in the Japanese political study from the point of view about "Did the prime minister become strong? " or "Did the politician become strong(especially for a bureaucrat)?"
As social changes for the background of advocacy for strong leadership by the politics, there are declining birthrate, aging in the population composition, globalization of economy and information society. About the policy measures to such a declining birthrate, I have studied childcare expansion policies mainly.
Furthermore, in the globalization of economy and immigration, foreigners have moved in Japan, gathered and settled. I examined how local governments have responded to this new situation.
I am going to study about policy processes of countermeasure to the declining birthrate and aging, and policy processes of local government policies for foreigners. In addition, I am going to study the political processes such as the political party realignment.

Notable Publications and Works

  • 中井 歩(2013)「ポピュリズムと地方政治—学力テストの結果公表をめぐる橋下徹の政治手法を中心に—」、新川敏光編『現代日本政治の争点』第5章
  • 中井 歩(2009)「世界的人口移動と地方政府」、『産大法学』第43巻3・4号。
  • 中井 歩(2007)「内閣機能強化と行政の役割」、土井真一編『岩波講座 憲法第4巻 統治システムの変容』第6章。
  • 中井 歩、小土井直美、瀬々倉玉奈、徳永正直(2006)「子育て支援の諸相(4)―子育て支援・子育ち支援に関わる専門領域の協働をめぐる論考」、『大阪樟蔭女子大学人間科学研究紀要』第5号。
  • 中井 歩(2005)「子育て支援の諸相 (3)―子育て支援の政策的側面から」『大阪樟蔭女子大学人間科学研究紀要』第4号。
  • 中井 歩(1997)「『外からきた』改革派・日本新党と細川護煕」、大嶽秀夫編『政界再編の研究 新選挙制度による総選挙』第2章。
  • 中井 歩(1999、2000)「政策立案過程におけるアイディア クリントン政権における健康保険改革の立案過程(一)(二)」『京都大学法学論叢』第146巻2号、第147巻6号。