Professor Hideaki Mizobe

Area and Subject Taught Japanese Political History
Research Theme(s) Japanese Nation-State
Academic Degrees Master of Laws, Kyoto University
Keywords for Research Field Japanese History, Nation-States, Comparative Political Science
Office Phone Number 81-75-705-1698

Research Overview

Has the political system in Japan firmly taken root? Have the Japanese successfully created order by themselves without depending on traditions and religions? In order to answer these questions, I am studying the history of formation of the Japanese nationstate in respect to the following questions.

  1. When was the starting point of Japanese political history? How did Japan become independent of Chinese cultural influence in ancient and medieval times?
  2. What was the meaning of Japan's unification in the early modern times? Why did a system of centralization under a single ruler shift to decentralization in the form of a shogunate system?
  3. One of the issues for countries in the 19th century was to abolish social class systems. What then were the characteristics of the Meiji Restoration? Why was the Meiji Period's new ruling class, a new middle class, able to obtain public leadership authority?
  4. One of the challenges for Japan in the 20th century was to unify the populace as the members of a nation-state. How did Japan overcome this challenge through wars with China and the United States?
  5. The postwar history of Japan seems to be divided from its prewar history. What are the historical roots of this view? This is an example of the kinds of questions I hope to answer through my research.

Notable Publications and Works

  1. 「Radicalism and Its Sublimation 」in Japanese History.(1) Sandai Law Review, Vol.45 No.2, Nov.,2011.(in Japanese)
  2. Can China Make a New World Order?
  3. The Problem of Radicalism in Japanese Political History.(1)(2) Sandai Law Review,Vol.44 No.2,3,Sep.,Nov.,2010. (in Japanese)
  4. An Analysis of the Historical “Great Transformation” in Japan : A Research Agenda.(1) Sandai Law Review,Vol.43No.3・4,Feb.2010.(in Japanese)