Professor Kenji Mimino

Area and Subject Taught Philosophy of Law
Research Theme(s) Historical and Philosophical Research on Legal Theory and Legal Thought in Civil Society
Academic Degrees Doctor of Laws, Kyoto University
Keywords for Research Field Historical Jurisprudence, Friedrich Carl von Savigny, Legal Theory
Office Phone Number 81-75-705-1880

Research Overview

While I primarily focus on the history and theory of German law in the modern age, I am also doing research in social, cultural, and philosophical history, with particular attention paid to relations between directly neighboring regions.
In terms of concrete issues in my research, it is necessary to first analyze and restructure legal theory of German law in the 19th century and its historical development, from the viewpoint of European legal history. German law in the modern age, including Friedrich Carl von Savigny's theory, promoted systematization of the law, and expanded on and completed rational legal theory to support structures of national states. This is an example of the universal historical rationalization present throughout European history, as M. Weber said. By trying to do historical, philosophical analyses of German law in this way, we can find clues to help solve fundamental problems in modern society.
Second, I am interested in fundamental problems of legal philosophy, including relationships between law and morals, characteristics of legal thought, and relationships between positive and natural laws, based on the results obtained from the first issue mentioned above.
At any rate, the aim of my research is to obtain a better understanding of our society and lifestyles, which are going through transitional stages, by taking legal systems as one of the basic cultural components of the modern society.

Notable Publications and Works


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  2. 河上倫逸編(1997).ゆらぎの法律学.東京: 風行社(共著)


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