Professor Yumi Kimata

Area and Subject Taught Commercial Law
Research Theme(s) Rights of Shareholders and Protection of Minority Shareholders
Academic Degrees Master of Laws, Kyoto University
Keywords for Research Field Corporate Governance, Shareholder Rights, Institutional Investors
Office Phone Number 81-75-705-1770

Research Overview

While there are a variety of means to conduct corporate governance, particular attention should be paid to the decision-making of shareholders, the beneficial owners ofa company. However, ownership and management today are separated to a great degree, and which produces adverse effects on the decisions by majorities based on capital stock. Under these circumstances, one of the most important issues is protection of minority shareholders, whose interests are often neglected. Corporate governance should highly value monitoring system by minority shareholders of the management. It is important to review the systems that give true meaning to shareholders' rights, as well as changes in the trends of recent institutional investors. For the time being, the goals of my research are to review shareholders' rights in order to collect information and make investigations, including the right to inspection of accounting books and records of shareholders. These are prerequisite rights for making shareholders rights more efficient. American Law, source of these rights, includes the Security Exchange Act, state statutes, and others that contain important systems and procedures. I intend to consider these systems, procedures and requirements and compare them to counterparts in Japanese company law. Furthermore, I plan to extend my research to include comparisons with the UK, Germany and Switzerland, and eventually to shareholders' rights of investigation.

Notable Publications and Works

木俣由美 著 「アタック 会社法」 中央経済社
同 著
   「楽しく使う会社法〈第3版〉」 自由国民社
   「論点体系 会社法1」 第一法規