Professor Yasuyuki Kawakita

Area and Subject Taught Eastern Legal History
Research Theme(s) Basic Research on Comparison of the Legal Codes of Japan and Chinese Tang Dynasty
Academic Degrees Doctor of Law,Kyoto Sangyo,University;
Master of Law, Kokugakuin University;
Master of Literature, Kogakkan University
Keywords for Research Field Legal Code, Japanese Law, Ancient Law, Tang Dynasty Law
Office Phone Number 81-75-705-1786

Research Overview

Japan has learned a lot from China throughout recorded history. In the early 7th century, Prince Shotoku sent official diplomatic delegations to China in an attempt to adopt the products of civilization from the Sui dynasty. Such efforts continued for a century thereafter, and at the beginning of the 8th century, Japan was able to realize of excellent legal codes comparable to those of Tang Dynasty. In Japan, these are called Taiho Codes in Japan. Twenty years of further efforts led to the completion of the Yoro Codes, concluding a major chapter of large-scale compilation of legal codes in Japan. Compilation of legal codes in China after creation of six volumes of Hokei in Wei in the Warring States period led to the production many legal codes, which reached its peak with the compilation of the Tang legal system. The Japanese legal codes inherited the those of the Sui and Tang. I have been comparing the provisions of these legal codes of Japan and Tang. The purpose of the research is to clarify the similarities and differences between both countries.

Notable Publications and Works

  1. 著書(単著)、平成27年、『日唐律令法の基礎的研究』国書刊行会。法源史を中心とした日唐律令法に関する基礎的研究である。
  2. 著書(共著)、平成12年、関西大学東西学術研究所叢刊14『令集解所引漢籍備考』(釈名・文字集略などを分担執筆)、関西大学出版社。平安時代に成立した日本令の注釈書『令集解』に引用された漢籍に関する基礎的研究である。
  3. 著書(共著)、昭和50年、『訳註日本律令二律本文編上巻』(名例律を分担執筆)東京堂出版。亡失した日本律の復原に関する基礎的研究である。