Professor Masahiro Kawai

Area and Subject Taught Western Political History
Research Theme(s) Political Culture in Modern Germany, History of German Political Thought
Academic Degrees Master of Laws, Kyoto University
Keywords for Research Field Politics, History of Political Thought, Theory of Political Culture, Theory of Nationalism
Office Phone Number 81-75-705-1689

Research Overview

I have been conducting research under two themes. The first is a study of the history of thought related to German nationalism, mostly during the period from the First World War to the present. In particular, my research focuses on war memory, generational awareness and political ideas of the generation who fought on the front lines in the First World War, as well as the theory of nationalism of Ernst Jϋnger, renowned thinker of his generation. My second research theme is the study of the political culture in modern Germany, including the trend toward German national awareness following reunification. In the classroom, depending on the research themes students choose, I am carefully examining relevant European-language documents.

Notable Publications and Works

  1. エルンスト・ユンガー『ユンガー政治評論選』月曜社、2016年。(エルンスト・ユンガーの政治評論八篇を邦訳し、解題二篇を付した。)
  2. エルンスト・ユンガー『追悼の政治――忘れえぬ人々/総動員/平和――』月曜社、2005 年。(エルンスト・ユンガーの政治的エッセイ数篇を、「追悼の政治」のタイトルの下にまとめて邦訳し、巻末に解題を付した。)
  3. 『再統一ドイツのナショナリズム――西側結合と過去の克服をめぐって――』、2003年、ミネルヴァ書房。(現代ドイツ政治文化の2本柱をなす西側結合と過去の克服とに対する批判的論議を中心に、再統一後のドイツ国民意識の展開を考察した。)
  4. エルンスト・ユンガー『労働者—支配と形態』月曜社、2013年。(エルンスト・ユンガーの主著を邦訳し、註と解説文を付した。)