Professor Congmian Jiao

Area and Subject Taught Environmental Governance
Research Theme(s) Environmental Politics and Governance, International Comparison of Environmental Governance
Academic Degrees Doctor of Human and Environmental Studies, Kyoto University
Keywords for Research Field Public Policy, Environmental Governance, Environmental Cooperation
Office Phone Number 81-75-705-1641
e-mail Not Public

Research Overview

The theme of my study in graduate school was Japan-China trade negotiation. I focused on clarifying the mechanism of the trade conflicts between the two nations and pointed out that non-state actors can play an important role between Japan and China regardless of their political sensitivities. This background allowed me to make policy proposals to maximize the ability of non-state actors.
After participating in a research project of “Multi-level Environmental Governance for Sustainable Development” in 2006, my interest expanded to international comparison of environmental governance. Characteristics of environmental governance in different countries will be identified from the aspect of the relationship between the central government and local governments. My recent work is a comparison of environmental governance between Japan and China. Pollution and other environmental problems that Japan already experienced during the years of economic growth are now very serious in China, and the country’s situation is being watched both domestically and internationally. Drawing on the experiences and reflections of Japan will provide a better and more cost-effective solution against such pollution and environmental problems in China. Through comparison of the environmental governance of Japan and China, I will determine the requirements needed to apply the Japanese experimental knowledge to China and seek a method to improve both countries’ environmental governance.

Notable Publications and Works

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  2. 「Comparative Study on the Role of the Citizen Groups in Environment Problems between Japan and China」、『京都産業大学世界問題研究所紀要』第31巻、2016年。
  3. Local Commons and Democratic Environmental Governance, 共著、United Nations University Press, 2013.
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