Associate Professor Masaaki Iwanaga

Area and Subject Taught Labor Law
Research Theme(s) Comparative Study on Matters on the Scope of Labor Law
Academic Degrees Master of Laws
Keywords for Research Field Labor Law, Scope of Labor Law, Nature of Labor, Nature of Subordination
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Research Overview

The purpose of the labor law is to protect "employees". It is generally thought that the "employees" referred to under these laws are people who work under orders and controls of other people, and get wage in exchange for doing so. This indicates that, while company employees are protected by labor laws, proprietors, housekeepers, and volunteers for NPOs are outside of the scope of labor law. Despite the fact that all of these people are working, they are treated very differently in a legal sense. Is it possible to apply labor laws to all working people? With an awareness of these problems, I am researching present-day issues of labor law: reconsideration of the scope of the concept of "workers," and the laws' legal scope.

Notable Publications and Works

岩永昌晃「集団的労使関係の当事者」日本労働法学会編『講座労働法の再生第5巻 労使関係法の理論課題』(日本評論社・2017年)25-44頁