Professor Seigo Iwamoto

Area and Subject Taught International Law
Research Theme(s) International Law Concerning Military Affairs and Security with an Emphasis on Humanitarian Law
Academic Degrees Master of Jurisprudence, Hiroshima University
Keywords for Research Field Humanitarian Law, International Security, Military Affairs
Office Phone Number 81-75-705-1697

Research Overview

The principle of non-use of force has become established in contemporary international law, but in fact armed conflicts break out frequently within the international community. When this happens, humanitarian law (law of armed conflicts) is applied to reduce unnecessary suffering and destruction. The study of humanitarian law declined in Japan for a time after the Second World War, but recently a new awareness of the necessity of humanitarian law has emerged due to the recent wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and the debate in Japan over a legal framework for war contingencies. As a result, the study of humanitarian law has become a very active field. Within the field of humanitarian law, I have recently been interested in legal issues concerning conventional weaponry, such as regulations covering antipersonnel land mines, which affect people indiscriminately; the movement to restrict cluster bombs that leave behind large numbers of unexploded bomblets; and cyber attacks carried out using computers, which exploit weaknesses in our information society; robot weapons including Unmanned Combat Aerial Vehicles (UCAV). All of these issues are related to how advances in science and technology affect the development of international law, and how international law imposes restrictions on the advancement of science and technology. I think these are very compelling research themes.

Notable Publications and Works

  1. Robots・AI and Law, 2018 [in Japanese]
  2. International Relations, 2014 [in Japanese]
  3. One Step International Law,2011[in Japanese]
  4. International Conflicts and International Law , 2008〔in Japanese〕
  5. "International Legal Problems of ROE and It's Raison d'Être", in Agenda for International Law in the 21st Century , 2006〔in Japanese〕
  6. Lecture: Introduction to International Law , 2006〔in Japanese〕
  7. "Regulation on the Use of New Weapons", in International Law of Armed Conflict , 2004〔in Japanese〕
  8. Concise Encyclopedia of Security Affairs , 2004〔in Japanese〕