Associate Professor Takayuki Furutani

Area and Subject Taught Civil Law and EU Law
Research Theme(s) Modernisation of Contractual Liability - Comparison with EU Law -
Academic Degrees Master of Law (Doshisha University)
Keywords for Research Field Civil Law, Contract Law, EU Law
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Research Overview

My research is about contract liability. The theme I am working on with great interest is the defect liability of sales contracts (seller's liability for benefits of contract non-conformity). This main theme in the sales law, which is to be fundamentally revised in the recent revision work on the law of obligations, is of great importance not only for the logic of legal interpretation, but also in terms of the logic of lawmaking.
In order to deeply understand discussions about Japanese law, it is indispensable to research the laws of foreign countries. For this I am researching contract laws mainly in European countries, as well as EU Contract Law, with great interest. The current development of EU Private Law offers various suggestions for thinking about the seller's liability for benefits of contract non-conformity. There are many suggestions in particular to learn with the Principles of European contract law, the Common Frame of Reference, and a grand project with the aim of harmonizing the contract law/sales law in the EU, such as with the Common European Sales Law. I would like to approach contract liability in Japan through the review of Japanese and European law alternately.

Notable Publications and Works