Associate Professor Masaki Fukao

Area and Subject Taught Criminal Procedure
Research Theme(s) Study on Exercise of Prosecutorial Power in Criminal Procedure
Academic Degrees Doctor of Laws, Kobe Universityy
Keywords for Research Field Prosecutors, Prosecutorial Power,
Procedure for Committing the Case to a Court for Trial
Office Phone Number 81-75-705-1586

Research Overview

Most conventional discussions about issues in exercise of prosecutorial power by prosecutors have covered discussions concerning the very extensive discretion on the right to suspension of prosecution given to prosecutors by the Code of Criminal Procedure. On the other hand, it has been pointed out that the criteria by which prosecutors decide whether the case will be prosecuted or not (except suspention of prosecution) require very strong suspicion for prosecution, especially in today's practice. Some sectors have already started to discuss effects of it on criminal procedure as a whole. However, there are still questions to be clarified about the actual criteria for exercising the prosecutorial power, including suspicion for indictment. Through my research, I will try to clarify such criteria, compare it with situations in foreign countries, and pursue the question of how prosecutorial power should be exercised.

Notable Publications and Works

  1. 拙稿「刑法上の職権濫用罪について(一)~(五・完)」産大法学35 巻3=4 号(2002 年)、同37 巻1 号、2 号(以上、2003 年)、3 号、4 号(以上、2004 年)
  2. 拙稿「公設弁護人」ほか13 項目、三井誠・町野朔・曽根威彦・中森義彦・吉岡一男・西田典之編『刑事法辞典』(信山社、2003 年)所収
    *総合的な刑事法辞典において、刑事手続法に関する14 項目について執筆したもの。
  3. 拙稿「公務員職権濫用罪規定(刑法一九三条)の沿革」神戸法学雑誌46 巻1 号(1996 年)