Professor Masafumi Toyama

Area and Subject Taught Quantum InfoPhysics
Research Theme(s) Quantum Information Physics and Principles of Quantum Mechanics
Academic Degrees Doctor of Science, Kyoto Sangyo University
Keywords for Research Field Quantum InfoPhysics
Mathematical physics
Office Phone Number 81-75-705-1898

Research Overview

I am conducting theoretical research on problems in quantum information physics.

Notable Publications and Works in the Last Three Years

論文 Journals:

  1. On the definition of the time evolution operator for time-independent Hamiltonians in non-relativistic quantum mechanics, Am. J. of Phys, (2017) 85 692-697 (2017).
  2. Numerical method for the solution of the Schrödinger equation with source terms or time-dependent potential, Phys. Rev. E90 06309-1~12 (2014).
  3. Analytic time-dependent solutions of the one-dimensional Schrödinger equation, Am. J. of Phys., 82 955-961 (2014).
  4. Comment on ‘Overcoming misconceptions in quantum mechanics with the time evolution operator’, Eur. J, of Phys. 34, L73-L75 (2013).
  5. Quantum search with certainty based on modified Grover algorithms: Optimum choice of parameters, Quantum Information Processing 12, 1897-1914 (2013).
  6. One-dimensional point interaction with Griffths' boundary condition, Can. J. Phys. 90, 383-389 (2012).
  7. Confinement limit of a Dirac particle in two and three dimensions, Phys. Lett. A 374, 3838-3840 (2010).
  8. Confinement limit of the Dirac particle in one dimension, Phys. Rev. A 81, 044106-1-044106-4 (2010).
  9. Minimum uncertainty wave packet in relativistic quantum mechanics, Am. J. of Phys. 78, 176-180 (2010).
  10. Unusual situations that arise with the Dirac delta function and its derivative, Rev. Bras. de Ensino de Fisica 31, 4302-1-4302-7 (2009).
  11. Matched-multiphase Grover algorithm for a small number of marked states, Phys. Rev. A 79, 014301-1-014301-4 (2009).
  12. One-dimensional point interaction with three complex parameters, J. of Phys. A: Math. and Theor. 41, 235306-235317 (2008).
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  14. The time-dependent Schrödinger equation: The need for the Hamiltonian to be Selfadjoint, Braz. J. of Phys. 38, 178-188 (2008).
  15. Transmission-reflection problem with a potential of the derivative form of the delta function, J. of Phys. A: Math. and Theor. 40, F685-F690 (2007).
  16. Accurate numerical solutins of the time-dependent Schrödinger equation, Phys. Rev. E 75, 036707-1-036707-10 (2007).
  17. Energy-dependent point interaction: Self adjointness, Can. J. of Phys. 84, 991-1005 (2006).

著書, 紀要, 編著:

  1. Developments in Language Theory (Lecture Notes in Computer Science 5257), Proceedings of the 12th International Conference, DLT2008, Kyoto, Japan, September 2008, LNCS 5257, 2008.( 共編)
  2. Development of a High-resolution Fast Gamma-ray Imager for the New-generation PET III, 先端科学技術研究所所報, 6 (7) (2007) 65-82.
  3. Novel Scheme for Lane-Bates' blind deconvolution: Determinant conditions for the zeros of blurs and a simple algorithm for eliminating blurs, 先端科学技術研究所所報, 6 (7) (2007) 83-103.
  4. Remote control and surveillance systems that utilize virtual instrument technology, the Internet and a cellular phone, 先端科学技術研究所所報, 5 (7) (2006) 23-84.