Associate Professor Hiroki Tanaka

Area and Subject Taught Visual information processing
Research Theme(s) Processing and representation of visual information in the brain
Academic Degrees Doctor of Science (Osaka University)
Keywords for Research Field Brain science, Vision, Neuroscience
Office Phone Number Not Public

Research Overview

Our ability to perceive and recognize objects in the visual environment is so extraordinary that the newest computer system cannot replicate. I am studying the neural mechanisms of this excellent ability. Specifically, I am interested in how images from the eyes are represented in the early visual cortices or how visual features such as motion, depth, and textures are processed there. My research is primarily based on physiological methods, but I also employ psychophysical approaches to gain insights regarding the early visual system of the human brain. Furthermore, I try to model functions and behaviors of the early visual cortices computationally so that they are duplicated in the computer vision system.
Also, I recently started to work on developing a new sort of visual prosthesis system, by physiologically examining whether cortical stimulation via a high-density planer electrode-array can effectively activate the visual cortex.

Notable Publications and Works in the Last Three Years

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  4. 田中宏喜. V1野における異なる時間スケールの同期 : 多点電極アレイを用いた計測結果を中心に. 日本神経回路学会誌Vol 22, no4 pp.181-188 (2015)
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