Associate Professor Haruaki Tamada

Area and Subject Taught Software Security
Research Theme(s) (1) Software protection methods against illegal analysis, and theft.
(2) Evaluationg understandability and readability of software.
Academic Degrees Doctor of Engineering, Nara Institute of Science and Technology
Keywords for Research Field Software Protection, Software Obfuscation, Software Watermarking, Software Birthmark
Office Phone Number +81-75-705-1524

Research Overview

Software protection aims to protect software from illegal cracking and piracy. We focus on three research topics: software obfuscation, software watermarks, and software birthmarks. The software obfuscation transforms a program so that it becomes more difficult to analyze, yet is functionally equivalent to the original one. The software watermark embeds secret information into software, and extracts them in order to claim the intellectual property as needed. The software birthmark is a set of special information that the program originally possesses, can be used as a simple but powerful signature to distinguish doubtful program (those which seem to be copies).

Notable Publications and Works in the Last Three Years

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