Professor Takeshi Ogihara

Area and Subject Taught Software Architecture
Research Theme(s) Software development methods based on adaptable binding of components
Academic Degrees Doctor of Engineering, Osaka University
Keywords for Research Field Software Engineering, Object-Oriented Languages, Embedded Systems, Design Patterns
Office Phone Number Not Public

Research Overview

A software system is constructed by connecting a lot of modules, which have various kinds of roles. Even after a system has been completed, updates, modifications, or addition of new functions are done repeatedly. In order to connect modules each other, additional codes (called “glue codes”) would be added in some cases, and the codes in the modules would be modified temporarily in other cases. If the modules of the system were constructed and connected each other not to be affected by such modifications, the cost needed to reconstruct the system would be reduced. We will show a new mechanism to connect modules that is applicable to procedural languages. This is a variation of data binding or dependency injection. We will also propose a development method using the mechanism especially for embedded systems written in C language.

Notable Publications and Works in the Last Three Years

  1. Programming Language Swift Definitive Guide 4th Edition, SB Creative, Dec. 2017 (in Japanese).
  2. Programming Language Swfit Definitive Guide 3rd Edition, SB Creative, Dec. 2016 (in Japanese).
  3. Programming Language Swift Definitive Guide 2nd Edition, SB Creative, Dec. 2015 (in Japanese).
  4. Proposition of the Context-Oriented Programming Method to Implement Modularization of Layer Activation Routines, IPSJ Software Engineering Technical Report, SE187-27, Mar. 2015 (in Japanese).