Professor Mitsuru Minakuchi

Area and Subject Taught Interaction design
Research Theme(s) (1)Research on human-computer interaction
(2)Research on entertainment computing
Academic Degrees Doctor of engineering, Kyoto Institute of Technology
Keywords for Research Field Human-computer interaction, entertainment computing, interactive media, ubiquitous computing.
Office Phone Number Not Public

Research Overview

Computers have become compact, are being offered at lower prices, and are providing high performance. Various sensor technologies have been achieved. Wireless communication technology has become widespread. Due to the development of such computer-related technologies, the range of computing applications has expanded physically, as well as from the viewpoint of applications. Based on the background of such circumstances, I set the goal of my research as the creation of new interaction technology between people and computers (including services and media contents), or between people via computer, and conduct research mainly on user-friendly interfaces and information systems that would influence people's behaviors. Concretely, my research includes interaction technology that supports noticing of information with a focus on a moderate relationship between people and computer in the ubiquitous computing environment, analysis and application of the entertaining aspect of user interfaces using aesthetic information expressing methods and embodiment by graphics and animation, and a daily life supporting system that blends information services and communication.

Notable Publications and Works in the Last Three Years

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  2. Natsumi Sasaki, Kouki Hirata, Kodai Morino, and Mitsuru Minakuchi. 2016. AR Dice Tower: Integrating Physical Randomness with Digital Effects. In Proceedings of the 13th International Conference on Advances in Computer Entertainment Technology (ACE2016). ACM, New York, NY, USA, Article 43, 6 pages.
  3. 水口充. メディアインタラクション (特集 次世代のクルマのHMI技術) - (次世代のHMI), 自動車技術 69(3), pp. 35-38, 2015.
  4. Mitsuru Minakuchi and Fuyuki Okamoto. 2014. Digital book reader based on leading text. In Proceedings of the 11th Conference on Advances in Computer Entertainment Technology (ACE '14). ACM, New York, NY, USA, Article 43 , 4 pages.