Division of Frontier Informatics

Training technologists and researchers in rapidly developing information-related fields for the future.

Computers and network services have quickly become the standard infrastructure upon which the world relies, and the ways in which they are being used continues to expand rapidly. There is growing demand for individuals well-trained in computers and information-related technologies who possess advanced technical knowledge and the ability to apply those skills. The Division of Frontier Informatics (master’s program) was established under such circumstances in the 2011 academic year, building upon the Faculty of Computer Science and Engineering through a reorganization of the Department of Information Communication Engineering belonging to the Division of Engineering. The graduate division focuses mainly on the following three areas.

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Science and technology that support a highly developed information-reliant society

Covers mainly computer and information systems, and the underlying informatics and basic technologies that form their foundation.

Information networks for a globalized society

Covers mainly basic computer and network technologies along with content-based development for network services, such as Web applications or multimedia work.

Human interfaces in IT environments

As rapid progress is made in information-related fields, the university is set to respond to society’s needs by producing researchers who can think creatively and open new avenues for the future. The division will develop highly skilled university teachers who can provide undergraduate and graduate school education (pre-doctoral program). Toward that end, a doctoral program will be established in academic 2013.

Faculty Members