Professor Ryusuke Yamato

Area and Subject Taught English Education Studies
Research Theme(s) Factors Affecting Individual Performance in Language Learning , Learning Strategies and Self-directed Learning
Academic Degrees MA(Lingnistics), Indiana University
Keywords for Research Field Learning Strategies, Motivation, Self-directed Learning, Task
Office Phone Number 81-75-705-2949

Research Overview

My research up until now has been focused on the effects and teaching methods of language learning strategies based on cognitive learning theory. More specifically, in the area of learning strategies, I have been engaged in (1) describing and classifying the strategies used for English study by a wide variety of learners ranging from elementary school to university students; (2) clarifying the relationship between strategies use and other factors such as metacognition, proficiency level and motivation of learners through statistical measures; and (3) developing an instructional model of teaching English incorporating the language learning strategies, drawing on the research described in (1) and (2). In recest years, I have conducted several studies to investigate the varying outcome of speaking and writing tasks under various conditions.

Notable Publications and Works

  1. 共著『小学校英語と中学校英語を結ぶ-英語教育における小中連携』(2007)高陵社書店
  2. 共編著『英語教師のための「学習ストラテジー」ハンドブック』2006 大修館書店
  3. 共編著『言語学習と学習ストラテジー:自律学習に向けた応用言語学からのアプローチ』2005 リーベル出版
  4. 「日本人英語学習者の動機づけに関する調査と考察」, 京都産業大学『教職研究紀要』, 第7号, pp. 1-20, 2012
  5. 論文 Pilot Lessons Integrating Learning Strategy Instruction into English Activities at Primary Schools, 2009. ARELE (Annual Review of English Language Education in Japan). Vol.20, 231-240.
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